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Free Christian eBooks downloadable in PDF format from Rhema Literature Distributors. Download and start reading these life-changing books today. Free Christian eBooks downloadable in PDF formats. Download and start reading these life-changing books today. Christian Starter Kit Read .. However, I am quite capable of missing something or making a mistake. If you find anything at all. Make sure you have a PDF reader to be able to read these books. Click on Adobe Download any book for free pdf format – these are great christian books .

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Heaven and Hell in Christian Thought

The NTSLibrary. A category of study within systematic theology; it denotes the study of the nature and existence of God.

Revelation The word revelation is derived from the Greek word apokalupsis, which means "disclosure" or "unveiling. Be sure to visit other resources and reference materials made available through the NTSLibrary free of charge to all its guests and students.

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Additional Book Web Search Links. There were hundreds of students packed into a hotel ballroom, and we had an excellent discussion. The next year, the conference organizers decided not to offer this presentation again. However, there were multiple sessions on love, sex, and dating.

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Teaching on how Christians ought to approach these areas of life is essential, and certainly it is important for college students. If we are seeking to equip students to minister on a secular college campus, however, knowing some of the main replies that Christians have given to why God allows evil and suffering is also important.

When students are challenged in class by a professor or their peers to explain how a good and loving God could allow evil, the need to know some replies will quickly be felt. And when these students encounter suffering in their own lives or the lives of others, these issues become very important to them.

Of course, a focus on felt needs can lead to a flawed picture of God as a divine Santa Claus and of the Christian life as one of ease and comfort, which is certainly not the picture we are given in Scripture. In light of this, our church and parachurch ministries must create time and space to equip people in some foundational theological and apologetic truths.

It is slower, reflective, and thoughtful.

In these and other ways, it differs significantly from the type of online reading most of us engage in. We may read more now than in the past, but what many of us read tends to be online, including blog posts, Facebook updates, tweets, and the like. The type of reading that we do online also tends toward shorter, less complex sentences.


In this environment, we quickly scan for the relevant text, or the most important point—even the most important word. We become adept at scanning, clicking relevant hyperlinks, making quick judgments about what is worth our attention, and digesting small bits of text.

In this sense, our brains are becoming digital. We cultivate skills that are useful in this online environment, but these skills are not helpful when engaging a longer piece of text, whether that is a literary novel, a theological position, or an apologetic argument.

Grasping Difficult Ideas Many Christians do read at least a few books every year, but a problem exists here as well. Christian bookstores have aisles of books on relationships, personal fulfillment, Christian self-help, and various forms of fiction, but very little theology or apologetics.

Four of the ten Christian bestsellers on a recent list were adult coloring books. We need to read books that stretch and challenge our souls.

We need to learn how to follow the steps of an argument. Such reading may not always be entertaining, but not all reading should be done for entertainment. Ideas matter. They matter for the formation of Christian character, and they matter for our mission in the world.

Gresham Machen put it in his address at Princeton Theological Seminary: It should be ours to create, so far as we can, with the help of God, those favorable conditions for the reception of the gospel.

False ideas are the greatest obstacles to the reception of the gospel. We may preach with all the fervor of a reformer and yet succeed only in winning a straggler here and there, if we permit the whole collective thought of the nation or of the world to be controlled by ideas which, by the resistless force of logic, prevent Christianity from being regarded as anything more than a harmless delusion. Under such circumstances, what God desires us to do is to destroy the obstacle at its root.

Grasping these ideas and related issues requires time, effort, humility, and persistent engagement. Fortunately, as Wolf points out, we can relearn how to engage in this kind of deep reading. We can train ourselves to engage deep ideas. So what, practically speaking, can we do? First, we might need to learn how to read well.

Second, we can set a goal of reading a few challenging books this next year.

We have a tendency to give up too soon, but reading is like exercise: you have to challenge yourself in order to improve. Third, we should read entire books of the Bible with attention to genre, rather than just a few verses or a chapter at a time. For most books of the Bible, this is how they were intended to be read, and it is how they are best understood and applied.

Finally, I would suggest gathering with a few likeminded people at church, either in a small group or a larger setting, and read some challenging books on biblical studies, theology, apologetics, or philosophy together. Working through such books and discussing them with others can be very helpful to gain a better understanding of the ideas in them. Doing this together can better equip members of the body for ministry in the realm of ideas.

The problems in the church and in society are not merely intellectual. There are also many related to emotions and the will. But anti-intellectualism is an issue.Family Christian was actually owned by Zondervan Publishing Company back in those days, so it was called the Zondervan chain of stores. The Son, therefore, came, sent by the Father. Morgan Lee: So, it's really about the browsing capacity of a tool like site or a company like site?

The Best Selling Christian Books of all Time

Machen, J. Finally, those who have not yet received the Gospel are related in various ways to the people of God. Lectures to My Students Spurgeon, C.

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