Find out more about Waking Up in Heaven by Crystal McVea, Alex Tresniowski at Simon & Schuster. Read book reviews & excerpts, watch author videos. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Crystal McVea is the author of Waking Up in Heaven. With a deep rooted passion for the needy and lost, Crystal speaks. book heaven and hell tells us that people wake up in the part of the spiritual world that [[pdf download]] sleeping in heaven waking in hell - sleeping in heaven.

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Waking Up in Heaven book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Someday soon, one of my precious three-year-old twins is going. waking up in heaven a true story of brokenness heaven and life again pdf file uploaded by agatha christie pdf guide id a8 new book finder jesus. Download PDF Waking up in Heaven. Authored by Crystal McVea. Released at Filesize: MB. Reviews. This book is fantastic. It really is packed with.

For the longest time I hated myself and believed I was worthless, and as a result made so many bad choices. Some of what I describe about my time in heaven may be familiar to you from other accounts of people dying and coming back - the quality of the light, the shimmering entranceway, the presence of angels - but some of it probably isn't. Everything I describe is absolutely, percent how I remember it - that has always been my one and only rule for sharing my testimony.

Nothing is embellished or exaggerated even the tiniest bit. What I describe is what I experienced, nothing more or less. The truth is, I was more alive in those nine minutes than I have ever been in all my years on this Earth.

I can only hope that through my descriptions, however inadequate they may be, you will feel even a fraction of the power and the impact and the absolute glory of what I experienced. In the book, Waking Up In Heaven, author Crystal McVea shares her experience not only of her incredible nine minutes in heaven standing alongside God, but also the testimony of her entire life before and after that moment. It is painful to know and read how her childhood was and how often times, these things go on right next door and we never know it's going on.

The people we may interact with may have stories similar to Crystals but we can never know unless we are willing to get to know them more and have them peel back the layers of shame and pain to reveal the person they really are on the inside.

The book toggles back and forth between the moments of Crystal's experience in Heaven with chronologically walking with her from her childhood to the present through the chapters. I was excited to read this book because it's not just another book about a person's experience of dealing with a life after death encounter, but also incorporates a memoir of Crystal's life.

It's not always easy to hear stories that aren't the happily ever after fairy tales, but then again, most our us have stories in our own closets we aren't willing to let anyone see. I applaud Crystal for taking the step to share her life story as well as her after life story with readers.

The time she shares of her heavenly experience is one I have always imagined it would be. Difficult to capture in words that pale in their description in human terms and one is which I look forward to sharing in one day.

I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars and highly recommend it to anyone who questions if God exists and what Heaven will be like! View all 3 comments. A heart-wrenching, phenomenal book that tells the story of the life and death and life of a woman who lead a hard, lost life, then encountered God and is now living a joy filled life.

Crystal died for nine minutes and went to Heaven and this book is about that, but it is first and foremost about her life prior to that experience, which lead up to the moment of her death. Crystal had a very hard life and always questioned the existence of God. Her life was filled with sexual abuse, absent and neg A heart-wrenching, phenomenal book that tells the story of the life and death and life of a woman who lead a hard, lost life, then encountered God and is now living a joy filled life.

Her life was filled with sexual abuse, absent and neglectful parents, promiscuity, abortion, death of loved ones, feelings of worthlessness and whenever a little light shone on her broken life it felt to her as if another calamity was just beginning to happen.

All throughout the story of Crystal's life she inserts a chapter here and there to tell her story of being in Heaven. It is beautiful and breathtaking. Many ways it is like what we expect and have heard from others, but Crystal has a natural quality about her which conveys the awesomeness without trying to philosophize or theologize, like so many before her have done in their books. She simply tells what she say, what she felt and what she can and can't remember. No excuses. I am a Catholic and Crystal is not but I found her vision of Heaven to be everything that my religion teaches us it is.

No where during her entire discussion of what she saw, felt and afterwards her thinking back upon it did she stray from the Catholic perspective of Heaven and I found this very exciting.

Thus can heartily recommend Catholics read this amazing journey. I really appreciated Crystal's down-to-earth narrative voice of speaking humbly, telling her tale, not trying to answer the big questions, but only putting out there what she experienced, how she felt, in Heaven. When in Heaven she was filled with God's love and she knew God's plan, she knew why things happen as they do.

On her return this enormous knowledge was simply gone. As we know man is not meant to understand the mystery of God's way, but just think, when we reach Heaven we will feel the peace of enlightenment because God is just. God is love. God is good. I love reading books like these. I don't always agree with everything the person concludes about their experience once they are back and thinking with human rationalizing, but I do believe in their journeys and that God is giving us something to ponder, to perhaps make changes in our lives, or to continue on our paths because Heaven IS waiting for us.

I bought this book because I had caught the very end of an Anderson Cooper interview with Mrs. I should have taken a moment and used my Goodreads app to read its reviews. The title is very misleading. God tells the author to share all that she remembers.

McVea's testimony. The first half of the book was barely readable. She spent an inordinate amount of energy poi I bought this book because I had caught the very end of an Anderson Cooper interview with Mrs.

She spent an inordinate amount of energy pointing out how mischievous she was, apparently in an effort to lay the groundwork for her "unlikeability. For example, I found knocking over the little girls in dance class neither amusing nor repulsive. Frankly, I just didn't care. I was more receptive to the second half, starting with the Pizza Hut episode. Still, after what I'd read earlier, I was beginning to question whether poetic license was being taken.

Did she really bargain down to eye color? McVea has overcome some horrific obstacles, and she is doing a wonderful service to others as she helps them reconcile theirs. That was the theme of this book, and its title should have reflected that. It is not about Waking Up in Heaven.

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I was seeking a book that described that experience. I was not looking for a testimony. Having said that, there is a target audience for this book: It would be a valuable read for a Christian book group.

I intend to donate mine to a faith-based Goodwill-type store in my town for others to enjoy more than I did. Jun 24, Gale rated it did not like it. View 2 comments. May 07, Nancy Kennedy rated it it was ok. The actual text describing her 9 minutes in heaven is about 10 pages. The other are about the author's sordid life. After a while, I started skipping the pages about her abortions and baby daddies and drugs and stuff she's trying to make the point of "IF God loves somebody like ME, everybody has a chance!

Jan 08, Heather Rideout rated it did not like it. I was really disappointed with this book. It was, for want of a better word, boring. It's only redeeming quality was that because it lacked depth, it was a fairly quick and easy read. That is to say, no extra time was required to reread, process or ponder anything. This book could have been written in less than a page.

Woman has a difficult life - gets abused, has an abortion, eventually sucks it up and makes some positive choices, has a NDE, finds god and then tells everyone about it. The end. Or it should have been.

Waking Up in Heaven

If there is a point in this, I totally missed it. I bought this book to read about a NDE, not to read the very detailed life story of some woman. The story itself, I found neither interesting nor inspiring. We all face difficulties and challenges. We all have choices to make. As for the NDE - anything good that can be taken from the details of it kind of got lost along the way for me. I'm really glad she turned her life around and I'm really sad that I wasted my time and money on this book.

Apr 16, Heather rated it it was amazing Shelves: Heather's Review: I truly love near death and death experiences so this audio book was an automatic draw for me. The thing that I was not expecting was the bravery and tenacity of the author in sharing her story over and over again.

Not just the story of how she died for nine minutes and came back, but the details of a very sad and troubled life as a child of sexual abuse. Crystal's memoir, contained in seven CDs, is told in her own voice. It details how being a victim of abuse pulled her into a Heather's Review: It details how being a victim of abuse pulled her into a spiral of shame and secrets that only God could take away.

Her descriptions of God's unconditional love and his message for her is beautiful. I cried listening to Crystal describe how He made her feel absolutely and completely whole, loved-- innocent like she was as a three year old little girl. This is definitely a mature adult title since it goes over dysfunctional family dynamics, a traumatic accident, drugs, abuse and abortion.

However, Waking Up in Heaven has a message of profound hope. It is a tale of how one woman had a life changing experience and allowed it to shape her future. Crystal follows God's "nudges" for her. She walks up to complete strangers in the grocery store to tell her story. She's a braver woman than many of us.

I admire Crystal's husband Virgil with his faith and unwavering support, as well, the way they have allowed this experience to serve others in need. I would recommend Waking up in Heaven to anyone who has felt abandoned in moments of trial or who wants to know that God loves us in spite of any choices we have made.

Sure, there may be cynics-- or those who believe Crystal's story is not real, but I for one am not one of them. There is truth and "beauty from ashes" in this book. May 02, Jennifer rated it it was amazing Shelves: The best part of this book is the bio of Crystal.

It just goes to show that the mistakes made in life develop the person we become and to forgive ones self is to allow healing and growth of character.

I hope this book finds its way to people who feel lost and alone in the world. I hope it gives them strength and hope. The parts about heaven are beautiful but breif. This is a story about redemtion and forgiveness. Apr 17, Victor Gentile rated it it was amazing. From the back cover: Tell them what you can remember. On December 10, , Crystal McVea, a thirty-two-year-old mother of four, stopped breathing. Her face turned a dark shade of blue, then black.

Her mother screamed for help, and a nurse tried to revive her. Today, Crystal does not remember what happened in that hospital room during the nine minutes she was unconscious and unable to breathe on her own. And she remembers waking up in heaven. Then came December 10—and the nine minutes that changed everything.

And that is why I want to share my story with the world. But God is real. Heaven is real. Crystal McVea was there! She died.

She was gone for nine minutes before coming back to tell us her story. McVea does more than just tell us of what happened in Heaven she tells us of her life story with all the good and bad. Why is that important? I feel it is important because it makes her real with experiences that all of us can relate to in some fashion. This is not some college lecture that will make your eyes glassy. Thank you Ms.

McVea for giving us this wonderful story. If you would like to listen to interviews with other authors and professionals please go to www. To listen to 24 hours non-stop, commercial free Christian music please visit our internet radio station www.

I received this book free from Howard Books. And frankly I can only spend so many hours a day at Walmart accosting strangers in the checkout line. Writing a book will leave me lots more time to get dinner ready for the kids. Maybe some people who pick up this book will toss it across the room midway through and write it off as fiction. Who is this mom from Oklahoma who says she stood with God? Why should we believe anything she says? The truth is, I know my story is hard for some people to believe.

I know what I went through is beyond the realm of what we can experience on Earth. But I also know this book deals with the biggest and most important questions of them all: Does God exist? Is there a heaven?

Why are we even here? In fact, I still have plenty of questions. Nor am I claiming to be anyone special.

I spend my days begging my twins to take their naps, driving my older kids around to practices, and trying hard to eat better and lose a little weight and not always succeeding. Before this happened I loved my life as a mother and a wife and a teacher, and that life fulfilled me deeply. But what happened to me did happen, and now I know—after a lifetime of not knowing—that God does exist. He gloriously, beautifully, wonderfully exists. You will learn as you get deeper into this book that for most of my life I lived with terrible shame and horrible secrets.

For the longest time I hated myself and believed I was worthless, and as a result I made so many bad choices. Everything I describe is absolutely, percent how I remember it—that has always been my one and only rule for sharing my testimony.

Nothing is embellished or exaggerated even the tiniest bit. The truth is, I was more alive in those nine minutes than I have ever been in all my years on this Earth. And now I can only hope that through my descriptions, however inadequate they may be, you will feel even a fraction of the power and the impact and the absolute glory of what I experienced. In , only 17 percent of people aged thirty or younger said they had some doubt that God was real.

In , that number went up to 32 percent. Then there is a recent comment from Professor Stephen Hawking, the famous Cambridge scientist. I understand the skepticism, because a skeptical streak still runs through me.

And for some, faith means believing in a God they have questions about. Reading this book requires some measure of faith. Ultimately, what you take from my story depends on what you believe. In the hallway of our home, just outside the bedroom where my youngest daughter plays with her purple stuffed donkey and my youngest son cooks up adventures for his little wooden robot, not far from where my oldest boy lifts weights and my teenage daughter texts her friends nonstop, a verse from the Bible is stenciled across the wall in black script.

What makes God real for anyone is faith. And so, when my twins come up to me and ask me about my story, what will I tell them? Product details File Size: April 2, Sold by: English ASIN: Enabled X-Ray: Book Series. Is this feature helpful? Thank you for your feedback. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Customer images. See all customer images. Read reviews that mention near death highly recommend crystal mcvea god love thank you crystal must read well written life story great book loved this book sexual abuse jesus christ experience in heaven look forward enjoyed reading true story nine minutes really enjoyed death experiences many people.

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Waking Up in Heaven

site Edition Verified download. I liked the frank voice of the writer and her colloquial way of talking to the reader worked for me.

I read reviews saying she goes on too much about her personal life, but since I love memoirs, I didn't think it would be an issue for me. And it wasn't for the first two-thirds of the book, but by the end--the details of her difficult life became excessive and I began skimming pages at a time.

I think there should have been better editing. The Bible quotes were superfluous. It's advisable for any author to check the site version of their books. It was very irritating to have the heaven chapters in a font so light, I could barely read it. You don't want the reader to have to work so hard, especially reading the most wonderful part.

I think she is an amazing person. Her forgiveness and love for others, especially those who abused her, is jaw-dropping.


I loved the little girl God showed her in the end. A soul part who left when the trauma began if you ask me! Audio CD Verified download. My husband passed away recently but in he also had a heavenly visitation. He made many of the same comments regarding heaven as did Crystal. I remember him telling of his experience and saying 'God' and then saying 'Jesus'. When I queried him as to 'God or Jesus' his answer was much the same as Crystal's, 'They are one, you can not separate them'.

He also shared her trepidation in sharing his vision, that people would think he was crazy. Crystal's testimony gave me so much comfort as well as expressing God's great grace for his imperfect people.

It is difficult to be the one 'left behind', but Crystal's testimony, as well as Marv Besterman's testimony 'My Journey to Heaven: What I saw and how it changed my Life' , and Dale Braxton's testimony on Beyond the Grave 2 have brought a healing to me that would have otherwise been hard to receive. You are drawn by their compassion for their family, yet their overwhelming love of God and desire for heaven being utmost. Today, Crystal doesn't take into account what occurred in that health facility room throughout the 9 mins she used to be subconscious and not able to respire on her personal.

This unforeseen assembly of a self-described sinner and skeptic together with her God replaced every thing. Raised Christian, she had left her religion in the back of after formative years abuse and the following struggles and discomfort of her stricken adolescents and early maturity. She longed to think yet felt deserted, damaged, and undeserving. A relocating autobiographical testomony to the facility of divine love and forgiveness, Waking Up in Heaven stocks the message of desire, therapeutic, and compassion McVea introduced again from her brush with God.

Heaven is genuine. In its wake, 13 Israeli policemen and squaddies are dead—and the fuse is lit on a risky Mideast powder keg, threatening an explosion which could devastate the area. In Italy, American forensic scientist Charlotte Hennesey has spoke back a Vatican summons inquiring for aid. For they need to reveal the magnificent secrets and techniques locked within the historic bones resting in a newly unearthed burial box—the skeleton of a guy who lived and died within the first century; a guy who used to be scourged and stabbed.

Upanishads An Upanisad is a instructing consultation with a guru, and the 13 texts of the relevant Upanisads which include this quantity shape a chain of philosophical discourses among instructor and scholar that query the internal that means of the area.Apr 05, Cafelilybookreviews rated it it was ok. Through the practice of meditation. Much of the story is about her life before and after the event, mainly full of woe before seeing heaven, and her telling others what she'd seen after she came back to life.

Then return your attention to the breath—or to whatever sounds or sensations arise in the next moment. I give it 2 stars because although it has very very, very little content about NDE and Heaven, I believe this can be helpful to those who have been victim of sexual abuse, domestic violence, had an abortion, etc.

Did the demon just happen to leave her alone one day?

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