U. SATYANARAYANA tr l I owe a deepdebt of gratitude to my parents,the late Sri U. U. SAIYANARAYANA Ii i i ] Biochemistry The term Biochemistry was. Dr. U. SATYANARAYANA [ Hi ] □ BP 1 Scope of Biochemistry The term Biochemistry was introduced by Carl Neuberg in Biochemistry broadly deals with. U Satyanarayana book download for free in pdf ebook format. Read our complete review on Biochemistry in First year MBBS medical.

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BioChemistry 3rd Edition. Biochemistry,Third Edition merges a classical organization and presentation with contemporary insight, information, and technology. Biochemistry is the comprehensive study guide for medical and biological science students. It covers the U Satyanarayana. Over 40 years. Biochemistry. 5th Edition. Authors: U Satyanarayana. eBook ISBN: Paperback ISBN: Imprint: Elsevier India. Published Date.


Beginning with elements like Carbohydrates and Proteins, the section goes on to explain the different types of cells, talking about the nucleus, then the mitochondria energy storing sections and so on. Biochemistry explains the working of enzymes and vitamins clearly.

Different kinds of enzymes, their mechanisms and catalysis are covered in this book. Every enzyme has its own effects, as well as the steps to control synthesis. All this is explained exhaustively in this book.

Vitamins and how they are absorbed into the body, along with detailed chemical structures are also discussed. Under the Clinical Biochemistry section, there is comprehensive information regarding hormones, how they function and what the mechanisms are that trigger their production.

Molecular biology is also discussed in Biochemistry. There are explanations of both DNA and RNA, beginning from basic structure and composition to covering important properties and subjects such as splicing and repair. Plasma proteins Hemoglobin and porphyrins Introduction to metabolism Metabolism of carbohydrates Metabolism of lipids Metabolism of amino acids Integration of metabolism Metabolism of nucleotides Hormones Organ function tests Water, electrolyte and acid-base balance Tissue proteins and body fluids DNA-replication, recombination and repair Transcription and translation Regulation of gene expression Recombinant DNA and biotechnology.

Human genome project Gene therapy Bioinformatics Metabolism of xenobiotics detoxification Prostaglandins and related compounds Biological membranes and transport On digestive tract they facilitate the digestive process depressing gastric secretion, slowing gastric emptying and stimulating biliary and pancreatic flow. Bile salts by-products of cholesterol are natural detergents synthesized in the liver and secreted into bile.

They solubilize phospholipids and cholesterol in the bile, permitting the secretion of cholesterol into the intestine the excretion of both cholesterol and bile salts is the major way by which cholesterol is removed from the body.

Bile salts also aid in the digestion and absorption of fat and soluble-fat vitamins in gut. In many animals, some lipids are secreted into external environment and act as pheromones that attract or repel other organisms.

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They affect the texture and flavor of food and so its palatability. Food manufacturers use fat for its textural properties, e.

Chefs know that fat addiction add to the palatability of meal and increase satiety after a meal.It is a very good book and have very simple wording which we can better understand. Thus,glucans arepolymers of glucose whereas fructosans are polymers of fructose.

Human genome project Different kinds of enzymes, their mechanisms and catalysis are covered in this book. Do you even know what is the history of MBBS and what does the word literary means?

For details,refer lipid metabolism Chapter l4. Elaldicacid fransform A selectedlist of glycoproteins and their major functionsis given in Table2.

After studying it myself and receiving a lot of emails and comments, i decided to review this book here on All Medical Stuff.

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