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When administered icv. Thus, it crosses the blood brain barrier BBB sufficiently, given its high affinity Ki 0. Moreover, MRS with a non-chiral N6 group is a pure diastereoisomer, which is advantageous for in vivo studies. GW 9 Pain The A1AR is involved in depressant and protective functions in the brain and spinal cord, including suppressing pain Sawynok, ; Zylka, ; Giorgi and Nieri, Intrathecal opioids induce local adenosine release Eisenach et al.

However, GW 50 mg oral dose failed to show significant efficacy in a clinical trial for treatment of chronic pain diabetic pain. Also, a meta-analysis of patient postoperative pain in clinical data showed no analgesic effect of adenosine Jin and Mi, CVT GS 10, GR 11 and ARA 12 Diabetes Increasing evidence indicates a crucial role of A1AR in the regulation of insulin sensitivity and glucose homeostasis especially in metabolically active organs such as adipose tissue, liver and skeletal muscle, which are related to diabetes mellitus Peleli and Carlstrom, It has been convincingly demonstrated that A1AR is critical for regulation of lipid metabolism, and thus A1AR agonists have been proposed for the treatment of type II diabetes T2D and obesity Antonioli et al.

The white adipocyte A1AR inhibits lipolysis. However, development of full agonists, such as GR and ARA, was not successful due to cardiovascular side effects Elzein and Zablocki, Although both full and partial agonists may lower non-esterified fatty acid levels, it is suggested that partial agonists may improve insulin sensitivity without producing severe cardiovascular side effects Elzein and Zablocki, A single dose of ARA given to healthy individuals during a phase I clinical trial reduced plasma FFA levels, but individuals developed tolerance to the drug Zannikos et al.

The individual benefits of GS and sitagliptin [Januvia, an inhibitor of DPP4 dipeptidyl peptidase 4 ] on glucose and lipid homeostasis were enhanced in combination Ning et al. Thus, extensive efforts have been made in developing selective A1AR agonists as anti-arrhythmic agents Mason and DiMarco, A1AR full agonists Tecadenoson 13 Corino et al. However, full agonists are known to cause tachyphylaxis, presumably due to A1AR desensitization.

Tecadenoson has been in a Phase 3 trial for the termination of supraventricular tachycardia SVT Elzein and Zablocki, ; Mason and DiMarco, , but its development was discontinued in A clinical safety study of Tecadenoson for the treatment of AF was performed, but its clinical development was also curtailed.

Its hemodynamic effects were minimal, revealing a brain-protective effect in stroke models Knutsen et al.

Unfortunately, many adenosine derivatives display minimal ability to cross the BBB Schaddelee et al. MRS showed antidepressant activity in a mouse model that was mediated by homer1 protein in the medial prefrontal cortex, and upregulation of homer1 by an AR agonist was lost in A1AR KO mice Serchov et al.

Nevertheless, it also activated a peripheral mA3AR Carlin et al. Capadenoson 17 and Neladenoson 18 Angina Anti-ischemic effect of A1AR agonists has been demonstrated in animal studies, but clinical successes are lacking, and more relevant clinical models are needed Borea et al.

Most known AR agonists are adenosine derivatives, but two classes of pyridine-derived agonists are known Guo et al. The non-nucleoside A1AR agonist Capadenoson 17 BAY , having an atypical 3,5-dicyanopyridine structure, was evaluated in patients with stable angina using an oral dose of 4 mg, once daily Kiesman et al. However, Capadenoson was withdrawn from clinical trials for angina and for AF.

Heart failure Rather than full agonists, an A1AR partial agonist Neladenoson 18 in the form of a dipeptide ester prodrug 19 is now being tested in patients with chronic heart failure Greene et al. Compared with Capadenoson Baltos et al. Neladenoson has been shown to improve cardiac function without producing bradycardia, atrioventricular blocks, or undesirable effect on blood pressure Meibom et al.

The A1AR is highly expressed in many brain regions, such as the hippocampus, neocortex, thalamus and basal ganglia Fredholm et al. In vivo imaging of A1AR in the human brain is therefore an attractive approach for diagnosis, and various AR agonists and antagonists have been developed for PET brain imaging van Waarde et al.

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Typical ribose-containing A1AR agonists have limited utility to be administered therapeutically for CNS treatment due to their low degree of brain uptake from the periphery Schaddelee et al. It was first approved as a pharmacologic stress agent in At present, it is the only synthetic AR agonist that is approved for human use, although it is not highly potent or selective for the A2AAR.

Glioblastoma A2AAR agonists transiently increase BBB permeability Kim and Bynoe, , and this is being evaluated as a novel pharmacological approach to drug delivery to the brain. Regadenoson was tested clinically in an attempt to raise the concentration of the anticancer drug temozolomide in the brain interstitium, determined using microdialysis in glioblastoma patients Jackson et al.

Spongosine BVT. Among the first such agonists was the simple 2-methoxy derivative of adenosine, spongosine BVT. It was shown to be effective in a clinical trial for diabetic neuropathic pain 7 mg oral dose, 3X daily , which was terminated because the company discontinued small molecule research Knezevic et al.

Other naturally occurring adenosine or deoxyadenosine derivatives have been applied as AR agonists. Polydeoxyribonucleotide PDRN, structure not shown , of molecular weight 80— KD and extracted from trout or salmon sperm, is degraded by plasma DNA nucleases or cell membrane-bound nucleases giving rise to nucleosides and nucleotides.

Topically applied PDRN was in a clinical trial for reducing inflammation to promote wound healing in cases of diabetic foot ulcers Squadrito et al. Also, topically applied PDRN significantly reduced pain and increased joint function in an animal model of osteoarthritis and increased neurogenesis in a spinal cord injury model Irrera et al.

Wound healing Sonedenoson MRE 23 was effective in the treatment of poorly healing wounds in animal models Victor-Vega et al. A Phase 2 clinical trial of Sonedenoson administered as a topical gel for diabetic foot ulcers had poor enrollment and was terminated in Apadenoson contains a labile ester moiety, which is cleaved in vivo to limit its duration of action. Its more stable, urethane-containing congener Evodenoson ATL 26, was developed as a candidate drug for treating multiple myeloma Rickles et al.

UK 27 and UK 28 Pulmonary inflammation Intratracheal administration of A2AAR agonist UK 27, with sterically bulky N6 and C2 substituents, in anesthetized guinea pig, inhibited the capsaicin-induced bronchoconstriction without affecting blood pressure Trevethick et al. Thus, additional lung-focused A2AAR agonists were explored for treating lung inflammation. However, it displays a favorably slow off-rate from the receptor, which has been suggested to contribute to its sustained agonist effects Hothersall et al.

Its side effects hypotension, tachycardia even when administered by inhalation were dose-limiting in the clinical trials. The lack of tachyphylaxis leading to prolonged tachycardia was not acceptable Allen et al.

A2BAR-Selective Agonist BAY 30 Ischemia, inflammation, diabetes, asthma, and cancer Although there are no A2BAR agonists currently in clinical evaluation, animal models suggest its activation might result in beneficial effects in acute lung injury, ischemia and vascular leakage Eltzschig et al.

Therefore, highly selective and reliably efficacious A2BAR agonists are still lacking. Moreover, the signaling pathways activated or inhibited by the nominally Gs-coupled A2BAR are complex and involve multiple G proteins Gao et al.

In the intestines, kidney and other organs, this receptor has an anti-ischemic effect Grenz et al. A2BAR activation is predicted to have beneficial cardiovascular effects and maintain the endothelial cell barrier Eltzschig et al. BAY was shown to have protective effects in a model of myocardial reperfusion injury Tian et al.

A2BAR activation might also be useful in treating T2D and atherosclerosis, and preventing vascular lesions due to smooth muscle cell proliferation after angioplasty Koupenova et al. A2BAR KO mice displayed increased fatty liver pathology, tissue inflammation and insulin resistance due to the lack of this receptor in macrophages Johnston-Cox et al.

However, A2BAR gene expression was found to be elevated in cases of human gestational diabetes, but this observation did not establish whether an A2BAR agonist or antagonist would be more beneficial Wojcik et al.

A3AR agonists stimulate chemotaxis in neutrophils through the leading edge, which could be pro-inflammatory. However, systemic A3AR agonist administration could actually have an anti-inflammatory effect by inhibiting neutrophil chemotaxis because of the non-directional agonist exposure Chen et al. In Phase 2 trials, its action in RA and psoriasis compared favorably to existing treatments for those conditions, but it did not display serious adverse effects, as do the current treatments.

In a comparison of 1, 2, and 4 mg oral IB-MECA doses in a week Phase 2 psoriasis trial, the greatest patient improvement was observed with the 2 mg dose Fishman et al. Similarly in a Phase 2 RA trial, the middle 1 mg, compared to 0. IB-MECA was previously in Phase 2 clinical trials for dry eye disease and glaucoma, 1 mg and 2 mg, respectively oral, twice daily , which failed to demonstrate efficacy Avni et al.

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A3AR agonists have apoptotic and anticancer effects in vivo induced by Wnt signaling deregulation Bar-Yehuda et al. There were no serious adverse effects or dose-limiting toxicity. Secondarily, the trial examined using the A3AR as a predictive marker of the CF clinical response.

The use of A3AR to prevent cytokine release syndrome in cancer immunotherapy has been proposed Cohen and Fishman, A Phase 2 trial of CF CP, 34 and CP, 35 Cardioprotection. Voxel-based morphometry in Alzheimers disease and mild cognitive impairment: Generate a file for use with external citation management software.

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Citations Publications citing this paper. Diagnostic parameters calculated from clinical diagnoses demented versus non-demented and DemTect scores Demtdct 1 showed good sensitivity McHugh Journal of psychiatric research Table 5 Correlation between gray matter density and DemTect raw scores in dementia subgroups. Test analysis used standard principles of evidence-based diagnosis [ 3 ].

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Methodologic standards to rate their performance. Many cognitive screening instruments have been developed during the last decades to detect mild cognitive dysfunction and dementia, and there is an ongoing discussion as to which tool should be used in which setting and which challenges have to be considered.

The DemTect helps in deciding whether cognitive performance is adequate for age pointsor whether MCI points or dementia 8 points or below should be suspected. FolsteinPaul R. Fox Neurobiology of aging Rosen Archives of neurology DemTect may also be useful in screening for early or mild cases of other memory disorders, although validation studies would need to be done.

To design a new, highly sensitive psychometric screening to identify patients with mild cognitive impairment MCI and patients with dementia in the early stages of the disease. In this review, four cognitive screening tools that all follow a common, stringent concept and pay regard to some critical aspects are described: This paper has been referenced on Twitter 1 time over the past 90 days.

Commentary Pathophysiology of the behavioral variant of frontotemporal lobar degeneration: We use cookies to improve our service dwmtect to tailor our content and advertising to you. HodgesMichael Hornberger Front. Anatomical and functional alterations in semantic dementia: DemTect is a useful screening demteect for dementia.

The strengths of the DemTect include: The DemTect is a useful scale for identifying mild cognitive impairment and early dementia in older adults. More info You can manage your cookie settings via your browser at any time.Spongosine BVT.


The development of a Core Outcome Set for medicines management interventions for people with dementia in primary care. A1AR full agonists Tecadenoson 13 Corino et al. Protection against earthquakes and vibrations. Therefore, highly selective and reliably efficacious A2BAR agonists are still lacking.

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