Find the tourist places in North, South and East India. Also find India travel map, which is showing best places to visit in India in season of. confound all at once, India presents an ex- traordinary .. The Mughal legacy is one of its biggest attractions: Old Delhi is all crumbling. I N D I A N. O C E A N. A Y. O F. BENGAL. N. I N D I A. States and Union Territories. New Delhi. Srinagar. Shimla. Chandigarh. Dehradun. Jaipur. Gandhinagar.

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Regardless of where in India you might be headed, we want our guide to be helpful to you. But apply (tourist visas generally last for six months). You can get. India Tourist Map: Planning a trip to India? Take a look at India travel map that helps you to roam around the charming destinations of India conveniently. It will come as a surprise to many to learn that in India the Tourism industry is For the tourism Industry, MapmyIndia provides Print Maps which are based on its .

Many local residents still venerate the traditions of the forefathers and live in … Read more. Bangalore is the capital of the Karnataka state in India.

South India

This is an amazing city, featuring an abundance of greenery and parks. You will definitely enjoy the climate here, which is mild and not suffocating.

But during the Indian summer, it's quite hot here, while in the winter you can freeze at night. Interesting fact that Bangalore is kindly called the Indian "Silicon Valley" due to a big number of IT-specialists living and working here.

So the part of the local population has a degree and … Read more. Local residents feature a very welcoming and friendly nature; the unique friendly atmosphere reigns here.

It attracts many travelers from other countries to Chennai. Foreign visitors have to pay special attention to local culture and traditions, the ignorance of which often causes misunderstandings with the indigenous population.

India Tourism

Going on a trip to the temple, pay particular attention to the outfit. Many national holidays carried out on Goa have religious roots. However, they are quite similar to religious celebrations in usual meaning.

Locals devote incredibly interesting festivals and fairs to their gods; tourists are regular guests there. Influence of the Portuguese is reflected not only in culinary traditions of Goa, but also in culture of the indigenous population.

The lake encompasses the Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary attracts many migratory birds and also is a feeding and nesting ground for aquatic and terrestrial birds such as flamigoes, pelicans etc.

Uppalapadu Bird Sanctuary - is a reserved Bird sanctuary at Uppalapadu , Guntur district , Andhra Pradesh is witnessing approximately 8, types of birds from the around nations.

The birds from many countries migrate to this place mainly during October to January. Ethipothala Falls - is located in Macherla mandal , Guntur district on the river Chandravanka, also known as Ethipothala river, one of the tributaries of river Krishna.

The Borra Caves in the Anatagiri Hills of the Eastern Ghats , near Visakhapatnam at an altitude of about to metres are known for million-year-old stalactite and stalagmite formations.

They were discovered by British geologist William King George in The caves got the name from a formation inside the caves that looks like the human brain, which in Telugu language is known as burra.

The Belum Caves derive their name from Bilum, the Sanskrit word for caves.

The caves have long passages, spacious chambers, freshwater galleries, and siphons. Sri Venkateswara National Park situated at the reserved forests of Tirumala hills, Chittoor district. This area comprises many waterfalls such as Talakona , Gundalakona and Gunjana.Indeed, our travel maps of India can go a long way in making your India trip an easy one.

Places to Visit in India. The colours, music and dancing instil great elation in people.

We feature more than This statue holds the Guinness world record for the tallest Jain Idol.

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